Best hotels in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has been the favorite holiday destination for North Americans and Europeans for a very long time, since it has a lot of beautiful sandy beaches and good weather almost all year round. It also has a fantastic variety of accommodation options, which means that there is something for every style and budget. This is why there are several of the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta.

The main areas of the city go from the airport to the south, Marina Vallarta, the hotel zone, the center of the city, the romantic zone (Old Vallarta) and the southern zone. Going north from the airport, you will leave the state of Jalisco and enter to Nayarit state, here you will find Nuevo Vallarta, another popular destination and the northern zone.


What is interesting in each area?

A good way to decide in which of the best hotels of Puerto Vallarta would be good to stay it’s to know, in advance,  what it is that interests you and if the area where you are going to stay also has them, it is difficult to give a detailed account of everything that has a specific area, but try to include the highlights.


North Zone

The northern area is quite large, starting in the south in Bucerías and ending in the bay side of Punta Mita, you will find small towns that have a more Mexican feel, which means a less developed area, a little more rustic, more traditional, and when it happens La Cruz begins to find more complex, some very exclusive and luxurious, like the St. Regis or the Four Seasons in Punta Mita. In general, the best hotels of Puerto Vallarta in the northern area is more for people who want to relax and get away from it all, without spending a night in the city, without alcohol, etc., whether they are older couples, romantic couples or families with preadolescents children.

Punta Mita is also a small city, with its square and church, the main street is El Anclote beach, where you will find excellent restaurants and the possibility of enjoying activities at sea and on the beach. You can also rent boats to visit the Marieta Islands or to practice diving and snorkeling.

This area was specially designed in order to be a  100% tourist destination, such as Cancun, so there is no city center, church, city plaza, only best hotels in Puerto Vallarta, resorts, golf courses, two marinas, condominiums, villas and some shopping centers and other services that have been opened. To meet the needs of local inhabitants and visitors.

This area is more for “all inclusive” fans, where most guests stay at the resort, tan, relax and eat drinks to your heart’s liking.

The beach in Nuevo Vallarta is very beautiful, wide and with a lot of sand, and the waves are not very rough, so it is also recommended for families with preadolescent children, even with teenage children who are not too noisy, there is a lot to do here. The shopping malls, which are close to the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta, will help them do more than just sit down in front of their “cuckoo” portable machines (you know, iPads, smartphones, etc.).