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The tourism sector has grown and, therefore, more and more places are designs to meet the needs of people. A clear example is the development of Puerto Vallarta Hotel Boutique, which offer personalized services in a highly elegant environment.


Maybe, sometime, you’ve stayed at a Puerto Vallarta Hotel Boutique. However, possibly, you had not noticed what we will tell you next.


– DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE: If something differentiates a Puerto Vallarta Hotel Boutique from the convention’s hotels, it has its own personality of design and architecture. It usually offers a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere, however, there are also thematic boutique hotels, with respect to their decoration. In addition, it is composed of technological advances and avant-garde designs, which is why it has been designated the “Design Hotels” promonbre.

– TECHNOLOGICAL VANGUARD: The infrastructure of Puerto Vallarta Hotel Boutique is equipped with the latest technology, such as free Wi-Fi, videoconferencing and telecommunications.

– PERSONALIZED SERVICES: Employees are trained to provide guests with the best services during their stay.

– PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: As we discussed earlier, this type of hotel offers a meticulous attention to the needs of the guests and in this way is much more intimate.

– GREATER PRIVACY: The building of a Puerto Vallarta Hotel Boutique is small compared to other types of hotels. Their number of rooms is small, they only have less than 50, but they can also vary between 3 to 100 rooms. This guarantees even more attention and good service.

– GOURMET KITCHENS: Boutique hotels often have high-end restaurants. These hotels are also distinguished by their extraordinary dishes.

– LOCATION: They are usually located in very central areas, near major attractions of the place, as it is strategically planned.

– HISTORICAL BUILDINGS: Perhaps you have noticed that boutique hotels are established in buildings that are often historical heritage, which were only remodeled to give better use, without losing their true architectural value.




Now we present the 3 best boutique hotels in Mexico, according to an analysis by Forbes magazine …


– Hotel Matilda: It is located in San Miguel Allende and is an area with a contemporary design, which has become the favorite for many of the national and international visitors of this town in Guanajuato. The lobby of this boutique hotel is full of contemporary works made by various artists.


– Hotel El Ganzo: It is located in the historic center of Mexico City, in one of the oldest buildings in the area. That is why it maintains a colonial and colonial style design from its façade. It only has 17 very elegant and contemporary rooms and suites. Inside it also highlights the fresco “The Holocaust”, made by the muralist Manuel Rodríguez Lozano.

– Hotel Thompson: It is in Playa del Carmen surrounded by private cabins and a bar next to the pool. It consists of 90 rooms and 27 suites, all with designs inspired by the 50s. It is also characterized by offering tours, tastings and even gadgets.

– Hotel Museum of the San Agustín Palace: It is located in the city of San Luis Potosí under a European decoration. As curious data is considered the first of its kind in Latin America and its architecture is beautiful with hand painted ceilings dating back more than 500 years.

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