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What is a Hotel Boutique Hotel?


Business dictionary defines “Boutique” as a small firm that provides a limited range of very specialized goods or services, often at premium prices.


This concept emerged in the 80´s in New York City trying to fill the gap left by large hotel chains and its inflexible standards. In Contrast, the Boutique Hotels seeks its own style and personality.


The original idea came from Ian Schrager, an American businessman and the first Boutique Hotel, recognized as such, was the “Morgans Hotel” located in Madison Avenue in the metropolis of New York City. 


“Morgans Hotel” began as the Hotel Duane, a 1927 structure intended for long-term residents, designed by the architect Andrew J. Thomas. According to an article of the era, “In design the exterior of the building indicates a free interpretation of the Italian Romanesque style harmonizing very well with the Fraternity Clubs building at the north, designed in a similar style.” When initially opened, the lobby and guest rooms showed “a rather free interpretation of Spanish Renaissance decoration.”


The appearance of the first Boutique Hotel, in the mid-1980s, started to revolutionize the concept of Hotels in the United States and in the world. Their definitive expansion occurred in the late 90`s.


Some of the features that define Boutique Hotels are:


  • Small in size, abundant luxury and comfort, few rooms with the purpose of making guests feel at home.
  • Located in large cities and commonly close to shopping neighborhoods and commercial projection.
  • Unique Architecture: elegant, careful and often thematic design. 
  • Personalized Service: client is considering as a luxury guest and friend.
  • Regularly independent from large hotel chains.
  • Offer the experience of intimate atmosphere, high-end cuisine, glamor and sophistication, capable of satisfying the most demanding customers and travelers.


Puerto Vallarta Hotels Boutique


If you want to dive into Mexican tradition, the best way to do it is by staying at a Boutique Hotel. Small buildings full of stories, home-made Mexican food, personalized attention, friendly Mexican personnel will make your stay the best one in the beautiful Mexican beaches. 


Do you already book your stay in a Hotel Boutique in Puerto Vallarta?