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Before presenting to the best Puerto Vallarta hotel boutique, we want to introduce you to the concept of what a boutique hotel is …

The concept comes from Europe, in the 80s. This type of lodging places offers intimate and unconventional environments, which particularly detonates luxury and personalized service.

Usually, they are small rooms with few rooms, with their own design. They are usually created in old buildings, such as castles, mansions or historic buildings. Unlike the large and international hotel chains, as we mentioned before, they offer personalized services, very private and with extraordinary facilities.

The purpose of all these mentioned features is that guests feel at home. The search for unique experiences is another of your goals to your customers. Privacy and privacy are paramount, as is the environment in which it is located to make a difference with other types of accommodation.

Despite being located in old buildings they also detonate modernity and all the technological infrastructure so that the guest can enjoy all the comforts and live a stay of luxury and exclusivity.

Exclusively we refer not only to the type of personalized service that exists, but to the environment that you have inside and outside your facilities. An ostentatious experience!

There are about 2897 Puerto Vallarta Hotel Boutique, according to the Expedia website. However, we will let you know the 5 best boutique hotels of this Mexican beach. All of them recognized in this way thanks to all the mentioned characteristics, which resemble what could be paradise.


  1. Punta mita, Riviera Nayarit. It is a completely ecological hotel so its atmosphere is ideal for absolute relaxation. It is a recommended place to go as a family and even with the pet, it is also pet friendly.
  2. Casa Mita, Riviera Maya. It is located on the beach Careyeros, very close to Punta Mita. It is completely private and its service is personalized in order to fully pamper its guests. What most characterizes this place is its tasting room, where the most exclusive labels for connoisseurs can be found.
  3. Garlands Del Río, Puro Vallarta. On the banks of the Rio Cuale, it has an extremely interesting design due to its history – previously it was a neighborhood, an omelet factory and a cabin. The kitchen of this place is open to anyone who wants to enjoy their cravings.
  4. Hacienda San Ángel, Puerto Vallarta. It is located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, but it is one of the most private of its location. Its design is very peculiar, since it has quarry columns, sculptures of angels, red roofs and white walls.
  5. Kimberly House, But Vallarta. It is one of the most sought after Puerto Vallarta hotel boutique, because there lived the legendary stars, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. In addition, each of its suites is designed with a mix of antiques and more contemporary details.


Starting in October you will get to know another of the most representative Puerto Vallarta Hotel Boutique!

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