Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

The Romantic Zone, also called “The old Vallarta or The Old Town” is located in Puerto Vallarta’s downtown area, surrounded by Rio Cuale on the North, Santa Barbara Street on the South, Insurgentes Street on the East and Playa de los Muertos on the West side.


Along the Cuale riverbed you can visit a local island, where you can find vegetation and fauna of the region and it is a perfect place to go for a walk, exercise or enjoy a romantic and quiet time with your partner.


On Cuale island you can find an Archaeological Museum with colorful wall paintings and Mexican Huichol handicrafts and in a place called the Cat Island you will see a statue of John Huston, director of the movie The Night of the Iguana” (responsible of projecting Puerto Vallarta internationally).

La noche de la iguana

Typical Local Dishes in Puerto Vallarta


Vallarta was nominated in 2018 as a best gourmet destination by “Food & Travel”, famous magazine on its annual survey “Reader Awards”, because of its mix of international chefs, high-end restaurants and local traditional places.


Some of the options you can find in Puerto Vallarta are:


  • Pescado Embarazado, pregnant fish, a linguistic deformation of “pescado en vara asado” that means fish roasted on a stick, served with lemon and salsa.
  • Birria, made of goat or lamb meat boiled in a spicy sauce.
  • Pozole made of pork or chicken meat, seasoned with chilli and chickpeas.
  • Tamales.
  • Sea food with the Mexican style.


And do not forget to try a good Tequila or Mezcal.


Are you ready to enjoy the Mexican cuisine at the Romantic Zone?

Pescado frito