Hotels Puerto Vallarta

Currently there are different types of accommodation, but staying at hotels Puerto Vallarta, as in other parts of the world, remains one of the favorites. Although we know that each form has its pros and cons, here we give you the reasons why it is still that way.

Hotels Puerto Vallarta, come and relax

There are around the world

The good thing about staying in a hotel is exactly where you go. There will always be a comfortable bed that will be waiting for you near you!


Various services

In an “all inclusive” hotels Puerto Vallarta you will have to worry about everything, although in a normal resort you will also find cleaning service, laundry, towels, internet, etc., that will help you to make your trip more relaxing.



Hunger? The hotels Puerto Vallarta offer restaurant service, so you will not have to worry about what to eat or go buy supplies to feed. You will simply have to go to one of these places in the hotel so that you are taken care of as you deserve.



Usually, hotels are always located in a central area of ​​the place you visit. In this way it will not be difficult for you to lose or move to great distances to enjoy the attractions of the city or site you visit.


You easily get room

Although it is always advisable to make a reservation, if you do not do it, there is not much problem because when you arrive at the hotel you will be able to find a room, if you can not recommend another place where there is space.



It is more frequent that hotel chains and boutique hotels worry more because their guests live together. For this they usually perform some activities that may involve them, such as karaoke nights, etc. Some people also see it as a good opportunity to find a partner.



If you travel with the whole family, hotels Puerto Vallarta are recommended for its environment, facilities and the services it offers. All this will make each member of your family feel relaxed and have a great time away from everyday life.


Loyalty programs

Some hotels already offer cards where you can generate points so you can use them in your next trips. By redeeming them you can save additional costs, such as entrance to the spa or in-room services.


Sleep quietly

In hotel you will be extremely safe, but in addition, they have beautiful designs in their rooms and facilities. Some of them offer dream views.


Have privacy

There is privacy in your room so you can rest, watch TV, bathe, etc.


So the difference between staying in hotels Puerto Vallarta and an Airbnbn is that in a hotel you do not have to worry about anything, in an Airbnbn, even if you have a bed, you have to worry about cleaning and preparing your own food.

According to Huffington in its Spanish version, a study carried out by, in 22 cities, shows that 27.2% hotels have a much cheaper cost than the rent of an Airbnbn. While 72.2% of the metropolis prefers the use of an Airbnbn. Do you agree?