Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Hotel

The definition of “all inclusive” has been a growing trend, which is already taken as a style of travel. If you have not yet had the possibility to stay in this type of hotel, we recommend you try it.

Stay in a Puerto Vallarta all inclusive hotel, unlike what you could imagine, it could help you save money and problems, because once you enter you will not have more expenses, since everything you need is included in your package.

Puerto Vallarta All Incusive, party in Altamar

But we present you how it works and we end your doubts about them:


  1. You buy a package at the Puerto Vallarta all inclusive hotel of your choice.
  2. Upon arrival at the hotel during check in you will receive a wristband that you should always use.
  3. The wristband will be used to use all the hotel facilities: swimming pool, restaurants, tents, games room, spa, etc.


For example, if you want to drink some liquor go to the bar and ask for the one you want just by showing your bracelet.


It is important that before making your reservation at any of these hotels you take into account what everything includes, since not all include the same. Choose the one that suits you!


The objective of a Puerto Vallarta all inclusive hotel is that, as a guest, you do not have to look for what you need outside of the facilities and, in addition, you feel extremely relaxed and complacent within it.


The rates of these all inclusive hotels are usually paid in advance, so you can travel with the peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about anything other than relaxing and forgetting everything.


To take advantage of a Puerto Vallarta all inclusive hotel we give you the following recommendations:


  • In general, all inclusive hotels offer you 3 meals, so try to book as early as you can in some of them, as some have more than one.
  • Go to the recreational activities offered by the hotel. There are occupations for children and adults, such as aerobics in the pools, yoga, exercise sessions conducted in gyms, dance competitions, karaoke, night shows, etc.
  • On the beach there are also other types of activities in which you and your family can participate, such as volleyball games.
  • If you go with children these hotels offer nannies to take care of them while your partner and you enjoy other types of activities. In general, this type of services is free, but it is important that you also ask if it is included.


What is not included …


* Personal expenses, such as the purchase of sunscreen, sunscreen creams and toiletries. Commonly used medicines for headaches or stomach aches. Beachwear, sandals and sunglasses. Souvenirs, gifts and travel memories. Cigarettes, pipes, tobacco and lighters.

* Telephone calls from the room.

* Taxis and public transport.

* Meals outside the hotel.


The “all inclusive” system is recommended for families with a tight budget. It is important that you also prevent some extraordinary expenses so that you also feel safe in that way. The best feeling when going on a trip is that everything is under control and that way you can enjoy it to the fullest.