Hotel Boutique Puerto Vallarta

Did you know that the hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta begins south of the Marina area? The hotel zone, in addition to offering a wide range of hotels, like a hotel boutique Puerto Vallarta, offers wide beaches that extend from the Marina to the city. There are 4 beaches in the area, from north to south, some hotels call their beaches by their own names, but they are not official names:

  • Golden Beach
  • Los Tules Beach
  • Las Glorias Beach &
  • Calm Beach

It also includes three important shopping centers:

  • Plaza galleries
  • Peninsula square
  • The island
Hotel Boutique Puerto Vallarta with City or Garden View. Hotel boutique Casa Nicole

The largest resorts in Puerto Vallarta are in the Marina and also in the Hotel Zone, well-known hotel chains such as Sheraton and Holiday Inn that share space with other more local hotels, such as Crown Paradise, Krystal or Las Palmas, all these hotels are next to the ocean and offers easy access to these beaches for families. However, there are also many hotels, like a hotel boutique Puerto Vallarta, that, in the same way, can offer you extraordinary services.

But what will you find at a hotel boutique Puerto Vallarta?

The hotel boutique Puerto Vallarta originates from the need for guests to seek a personalized accommodation experience that takes care of details and offers quality service. This is how boutique hotels appeared, places that combine a first class hotel management with a private and intimate environment, adjusting the needs of the clients.

In case you did not know, the category was created by Ian Schrager in the 90´s when he tried to describe the type of experience offered by his hotel, the New York Paramount, one of the best in the “Big Apple” in New York.

Although there is no clear definition, we can say that a boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta and in the world has the following 7 characteristics:

  • Limited number of rooms; It ranges between 20 and 150.
  • Limited space for events. The events must not exceed 10 or 15% of the weekly demand. If this percentage increases, the hotel begins to lose its personality.
  • A small lobby. The lobbies are smaller than those of the conventional hotels. Thus, the guest experience will be much more intimate.
  • Personalized service. It is impossible to provide a boutique service without being careful with the details and attention to the passengers.
  • Conservation of cultural heritage. The boutique hotels are often placed in old houses that have been remodeled to give them a new use, maintaining the architectural harmony with their surroundings.
  • Sense of aesthetics and technological leadership. Most of these hotels are known for their eclectic design and, also, for providing technological services to their clients such as free wi-fi, video conferencing rooms, etc.
  • The location does not matter. If a boutique hotel has all the features mentioned above, guests will not mind



In the restaurants of a hotel boutique Puerto Vallarta tend to be modern. With an authentic, high-quality cuisine combined with a modern and comfortable atmosphere, the boutique restaurants create popular places to dine with guests. The aim is to offer a culinary experience to the table by offering a unique culinary experience to the guest through a menu designed with the intention of combining innovation, texture and flavor.