Hotels Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite destinations in Mexico among local and international visitors alike.  Puerto Vallarta Hotels contribute to making this beach one of the most popular in Mexico.

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Here are some reasons to consider Puerto Vallarta Hotels for your next vacation:


Hotel Chains and Resorts: Some of the hotel chains you will find in Puerto Vallarta with the same quality and comfort of those found in any part of the world.


Variety of Services: Many Puerto Vallarta Hotels offer an “All-inclusive” vacation, therefore you won´t need to worry about what to eat or where. You will also find cleaning services, laundry, towels, free Wi-Fi and spa services that will help make your trip more relaxing.


Buffets, a la Carte Restaurants, Bars and Snacks: Hungry? Do not worry. In Puerto Vallarta all you have to decide is what you are hungry for and the hotel personnel will take care of the rest.


Location: Usually hotels are centrally located making it easy to enjoy all of the attractions the city has to offer.


Last-minute reservations: Although it is always advisable to make a reservation in advance, you can commonly find a room in almost every hotel, especially in the big hotel chains, but of course that will depend on the season.


Recreation and activities: Hotel chains strive to provide a variety of social activities for guests to enjoy like karaoke nights, beach volleyball, handicrafts workshops, night shows, contests and more.


Accessibility: If you are traveling with the whole family, Puerto Vallarta Hotels come highly recommended for their environment, facilities and services.  This ensures you be will able to relax and enjoy your time away from day-to-day life.


Loyalty programs. Some hotels offer a reward program to redeem on your next visit. By using the accrued points, you can obtain discounts on things like; spa services, use of the business center, room service, and more.


Sleep quietly. In Puerto Vallarta Hotels you and your family will be extremely safe, surrounded by beautiful architecture and design. 


Some of them also offer spectacular views.


Main differences between Hotels and Airbnbs in Puerto Vallarta. 

In a resort hotel you do not need to worry about anything, because the hotel offers you everything you need.  In an Airbnb, most of the time you will still have to take care of the cleaning and prepare your own food.


According to the Spanish version of the Huffington Post, a study carried out by, in 22 cities shows that 27.2% of hotels have cheaper costs than the rent of an Airbnbn, while 72.2% of the metropolis prefers the use of an Airbnbn.