Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Hotel

What you get at all-inclusive hotels?


In an all-inclusive plan during your stayed in Puerto Vallarta Hotels, you can enjoy unlimited food, drinks, social activities and entertainment paid in advance for a day rate included in the total price of the resort. This is a good option if you do not want to have additional surprise expenses.


Steps to follow in an all-inclusive form at Puerto Vallarta:


  1. Select your favorite hotel and make sure it has the option of all-inclusive.
  2. Upon your arrival to the hotel, during the check in, most of the times you will receive a wristband for all your stay. The hotel has wristbands for kids and adults. Validate you received the correct one (you will not want to have “piña coladas” without alcohol all your stay).


The wristband will be used to access all the hotel facilities, to receive towels in the swimming pool, to make a reservation in the á la carte restaurant, to access the games room, the spa (this service could be with additional cost, not included in the all-inclusive plan) and more. For example, if you want to drink some liquor, go to the bar and just ask for it. 


All-inclusive Puerto Vallarta Hotels mainly target are honeymooners, romantic getaways and family vacations. 


You can find a variety of all-inclusive options: hotels for adult only, hotels with separate pools for adults, kids & families and hotels with VIP´s memberships.

Puerto Vallarta All Incusive, party in Altamar

Will It Be Your Style?


All-inclusive hotels are the best option for guests that prefer to know exactly how much will be the expense, or those that like the idea of unlimited food and drinks. If you like to enjoy social activities within the hotel, maybe an all-inclusive model is the best option for you.


To take full advantage of an all-inclusive Hotel at Puerto Vallarta, please take notes of the next tips for you:


  • Commonly all-inclusive Hotels in Puerto Vallarta offer dinner à la Carte; try to make your reservation as earlier as possible. Mexican dinner is around 8:00 pm, but if you reserve the dinner around 6:00 or 7:00 pm the restaurant will not be full and you will have better attention and service from the staff.
  • The hotel offer daily night shows and social activities around the pool, like aquatic fitness, volleyball competition, yoga, dance lessons and some other activities for kids. Upon your arrival to the hotel ask the concierge for the daily activities calendar.
  • Also if you travel with children, some hotels offer babysitter service during the day, in some hotels this service is included. 
  • In case you have a baby, some resorts provide baby cribs on request, only you need to call in advance to verify the availability since they have a limited number of stock. 
  • “In food stalls and low-cost eateries most patrons do not leave a tip, but if you do give one, it is greatly appreciated. In bars and at all-inclusive resorts it is appropriate to tip the equivalent of one dollar per drink, or 10 to 15% of the total”.


What is not included in all-inclusive hotels?


  • Personal expenses, sunscreen creams and toiletries, medicines, souvenirs, gifts and travel memories.
  • Phone calls from the room.
  • Taxis and public transport.
  • Meals outside the hotel.
  • Spa Service (massage)
  • Tips


Are you ready for your all-inclusive vacations?