Characteristics of a boutique hotel

The tourism sector has grown and, therefore, more and more places have been designed to meet new customers needs. A clear example is the development of Puerto Vallarta’s Boutique Hotels, which offers personalized services in a highly elegant environment.

Some of the main characteristics of a Boutique Hotel are:

Design and architecture: if something differentiates a Boutique Hotel in Puerto Vallarta from the conventional ones, it is that they have their own Mexican personality, traditional decór and unique architecture.

Boutique Hotels usually offers a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere.

Variety of amenities: most of the Boutique Hotels in Puerto Vallarta are equipped with free Wi-Fi, air conditioner, videoconferencing and telecommunications equipment, therefore you will not miss the technology.

Customized service: since a Boutique Hotel usually has between twenty and one hundred rooms you will feel more like a welcomed guest than a simple client. Personnel are well trained to provide you a personalized attention. For sure you will feel like home in a cozy environment.

Gourmet kitchens: Boutique hotels provide authentic unique options and culinary tradition represented in one platter.

“Travelers can expect locally inspired food and beverage offerings along with distinctive architecture and experiences that reflect each property’s unique destination”.

Boutique hotels often have high-end restaurants with extraordinary dishes that distinguish this type of hotels.

Location: many boutique hotels are near to major attractions, usually located in the urban areas or in the high-end residential neighborhoods.

Historical buildings: perhaps you have noticed that boutique hotels are established in buildings that are an historical heritage, only with a few restorations to give better use, without losing their true architectural value.