Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone of is one of the favorite Mexican tourist destinations of the LGBT community. There are hotels, bars, nightclubs, beaches and even drinks specifically for LGBT travelers, and due to the safety and the welcoming atmosphere of these guests, it is the first city in Mexico to receive the gay travel approval distinction from GayTravel. com. Here we discover how and why Puerto Vallarta became the “Gay Capital of Mexico”.

Puerto Vallarta Romantic zone

Its origin…


In the south of Puerto Vallarta, you will find the “Casco Antiguo”, also called the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, the preferred tourist area for expatriates and foreigners who want to soak up local traditions. Old Puerto Vallarta is also considered the gay neighborhood since 1980, when the gay community and the retired Canadians and Americans bought land and properties to create homosexual friendly businesses. Today there are a variety of attractions with this approach, which include bars, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and cheap and boutique hotels.


In this romantic area of ​​Puerto Vallarta is the popular Playa de los Muertos beach, which, although not exclusively gay, has been known as a gay-friendly beach (also called Blue Chairs) in the last 20 years, due to the many blue chairs placed by a gay). resort that bears the same name), mainly in high season, from November to March.


Why is the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta the meeting point of LBGT?


Because gay-friendly beachfront hotels in the area cause, and guarantee, a concentration of LGBT tourists, providing a multicultural environment where members of this community will be respected without discrimination. In the morning you can socialize and enjoy the party atmosphere, and in the afternoon walk hand in hand under the dazzling sunset, in a romantic environment free of hostility. Such is the high demand for LGBT-friendly vacation spots that the area of ​​the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta has extended to include green chairs and up to the north coast, in the elegant Oceano Sapphire Beach Club, owned by homosexuals.


More than just the beach.


Unlike certain countries, laws against homosexuality never existed in Mexico. There is, however, a strong macho culture and a religious influence that disapproves of it, however, the locals show respect. In these circumstances, the growing community has led LGBT organizations to work to promote a culture change in the search for equality. With respect to this, in 2013 Puerto Vallarta legalized the civil union between LGBT couples, followed by a marriage between people of the same sex in 2016.


This city hosted its first Gay Pride March and has hosted Pink & Proud Women’s Party, the equivalent lesbian celebration, for the past four years, with the assistance of local Canadian and American communities. The multiple events in support of the LGBT community have marked Puerto Vallarta as the “Mexican San Francisco”.